Design Principles 


Lippincott Architects loves to transform peoples’ lives through good design, bringing light and connection, grace and functionality, beauty and place to every project.  

We employ key design principles that make your dream home come alive, including:

Client Focused Style is the cornerstone of LA’s design process. We listen to what our clients want for their unique home, including types of rooms, style, and qualities of the new space, and build our designs around their needs. 

Customized Site Designs for your specific site.  LA takes advantage of the natural characteristics of your current home site or your lot to create views and maximize use of the allowable footprint. 

Integrated Architectural Details that blend your new addition seamlessly with the existing style of your home. Unlike architects who impose their one design style on their plans, LA draws on many styles to make you feel like the addition was always a part of your home stylistically.  

Natural Light is key to all our designs. LA uses glass and skylights and other openings to welcome and manage natural light in your home. 

Flow through and between rooms is key to how you use your home.  LA maximizes circulation by connecting and defining rooms and pathways through your home. 

Elegant Functionality allows your home to have all the elements laid out in in the right places to make your daily life at home easy and connected, without wasting space or creating dead zones. 

Connected Outdoor Spaces allow you to easily move between and inhabit both the interior and exterior spaces of your home. LA creates outdoor rooms that enlarge the feel and use of the adjacent indoor spaces. 

Elegant Entry Sequences enable your daily comings and goings from your home to be easy, as well as welcoming to your guests. LA pays attention to how people arrive at your house and approach your front door and makes your entry elegantly functional. We also pay attention to what happens when you arrive inside your home, creating a place for everything. 

Budget Sensitive Plans are crucial for making your project happen. LA understands how to create designs that will achieve what you want in your home and meet your budgetary needs. In the initial design phase, we provide a variety of schemes representing different budget options to help you more clearly define what you want and wish to afford.  

An Enhanced Sense of Home is the ultimate goal of LA. Our designs enhance your home with spaces you love to be in, ones that are both spacious and intimate.